admin November 28, 2012

I knew there was a good reason to put that comment box at the bottom of the pages. Hard as I tried to get all the questions answered within the text … well … What can be said other than: Wow – you folks are good! Keep ‘em comin and I’ll do my best to answer them. As more are sent – more will be posted here.

Here’s what you have wanted to know so far;

Q. Are we FDA approved?

A. Short answer: no. Long answer: it takes hundreds of thousands (to millions) of dollars (conservatively) and years of time to go through the process to get FDA approval. The FDA is mainly for drugs – plants, herbs, all natural remedies, folk remedies and the like are not “drugs” and generally not FDA approved. That is why I have my disclaimer at the bottom of the page. We aren’t making medical claims.

Q. Doesn’t something “all natural” need to be refrigerated?

A. That is one way to preserve the quality. Another way is by sealing the product in air tight foil packages. Because they are used as soon as the packet is opened there is not the problem with “refrigerate after opening.”

Q. How do you use Aztec All Natural Foot Soak?

A. Aztec All Natural Foot Soak comes in individual foil packets. You add one package of the foot soak to warm water in whatever you are going to use to soak your feet (or hands) in. It is recommended that you soak one hour once a week until the nail grows out. Look – I realize this may not be the most convenient method in the world. Believe me – if the magic wand worked life would be way different and everyone would have happy, healthy feet. It took years to get the nasty fungus – give it time to clear up. Be patient. Look at it as a good time to catch up on reading, watch a movie or talk to your best pal on the phone.

Q. What’s in Aztec all Natural Foot Soak?

A. This is a biggie! There are natural occurring amino acids and endosperm proteins which include; Botanically, Zea mays. Some physicians speculate that microorganisms in this plant actually eat the microscopic fungi when activated in warm water.

This essential plant has origins that can be traced back 7,000 years to the Aztec civilizations and had an important part in their religious beliefs, festivities and overall health. That is why we decided to call it Aztec All Natural Foot Soak.

We then added ginger, which has 23 antifungal components. In ancient China, ginger was regarded as a healing gift from God and was commonly used to cleanse and warm the body.

To create the most powerful alkaline environment where fungus cannot live, we completed this trade secret recipe with an approved organic ingredient that boosts the pH to the max. All of which are safe for Diabetics.

It is this proprietary blend that makes Aztec Fungus Fighter the safest, most effective antifungal foot soak that actually gets to the root of the problem, naturally. It just plain works!