Fungus Facts

admin November 28, 2012

The Question
What causes foot fungus, toenail, fingernail, skin fungus and athlete foot fungus?

The Answer
Athletes foot fungus, toe nail, skin fungus and foot fungus are caused by a tiny fungus, which is a microscopic form of plant life, which become parasites on your skin. OK – that’s the technical stuff. For the practical causes check out the Foot Care page.

What it is
Athletes foot fungus, toenail fungus, skin and nail fungus and foot fungus is embarrassing is what it is. Other than that … this organism grows on the dead keratin cells that make up your nails and the dead calloused (or thick) skin on your feet. That would be the thick white stuff under your toe nail or fingernail. Athlete foot fungus, toe nail fungus and foot fungus can also cause nails to be thick and crumbly. These microscopic plants can digest the keratin and live within it. The resulting infection is known as onychomycosis – commonly known as foot fungus, toenail fungus, fingernail fungus, skin fungus or athlete foot fungus.

What’s inside
This is good stuff to know. The body is made to be more alkaline than acidic. The higher the pH – the more alkaline, the lower the pH – the more acidic. That means we need to raise our pH. To aid the body in fighting off diseases and infections you need to create an environment that will not support disease or infection. This helps treatments, remedies, and cures work more effectively. No disease or infection can survive in an alkaline state, which is why the core ingredients in Aztec All Natural Foot Soak raises the pH levels considerably.

Additionally, it is our diet that turns the body highly acidic. What this does is open the door to disease and infection. Since athlete foot fungus, toe nail fungus and foot fungus is an acid condition, acid forming foods should be eliminated. These include red meats and foods high in phosphates, such as sodas, sugary foods, and fried foods. This is how you get rid of the athlete foot fungus, toenail fungus and foot fungus from the inside out making your battle a natural triple whammy! And diabetic friendly!

The Healing Process
As you begin to treat your nails for any kind of fungal infection keep in mind that the nail will not repair itself. Sorry – there is no magic wand or miracle that instantly heals what needs to grow out. What happens is the fungal infection needs to be continuously treated during the time it takes for the new, healthy nail to grow in. Hey – it took years to get where it is now – be patient, continue the treatment and it will grow out healthy.

Nails grow at a very slow rate. It may take anywhere from 9 – 12 months to grow new nails free of infection. The treatment needs to be continued during this time to help insure the fungus does not continue to spread.