admin November 28, 2012

“My feet and toenails are doing FANTASTIC. I still have a very slight discoloration on the big toenails small spots that are moving to the edge and will grow out and be gone for good. I only use regular clippers and a file or board now and have for a year. Thanks to you and your people my feet have never felt this good. I lived with that nasty fungus far too long.
Mike Flood, 2008, Arlington, WA

“Very good product! I just recently had an outbreak of foot fungus and went to the doctors they prescribed this generic lotion, but it didn’t work it just got bigger and worse, all the symptoms cracking, scaling, it gets really irritating on those really dry days. So I looked all over the internet for a cure and found this and gave it a try. Two weeks later there is less cracking and peeling.”
Ryan O., Hawaii

From Dr.Neil Goldberg in New Jersey who is testing this on a few of his patients:
“… came in to see me today for evaluation. She has unequivocally had significant improvement. This is over a six week period of once weekly soaks for 1/2 hour.”

“I am 67 years old and have had thickening toe nails increasingly worse for the past 20 years. I have just finished my 12th weekly soak. The result of this treatment is fantastic to say the least.

For the past 10 years I have been using side cutters from my tool box[retired mechanic] to trim my big toe nails. I now am just about able to use regular clippers again….and…my nails are 80% better looking and much better feeling including the skin on my feet. This stuff just plain works. I LOVE it.”
Mike Flood, 2006, Arlington WA.

“I love the progress of my feet. it’s not only healing my feet, but soothing my entire body, my mind and my emotions–it’s absolutely therapeutic. I’ve neglected them far too long, yet I didn’t give up, searching for a holistic solution. Its benefits far exceed what I’d expected. Thank you so much for devising such a refreshing product. And I very much appreciate both the price reduction and free delivery. You truly added value to your customers’ experience. Well, I am enjoying my journey back to happy, soft, smooth feet.
N.G. New York, NY

“I’ve had toe fungus problems for as long as I can remember but was reluctant to try anything that had warning labels and a long list of side affects. Then I heard about Aztec Fungus Fighter from a friend and was intrigued so I tried it. Within a few months I could see that my toe nail had new growth without any signs of fungus. I’m convinced this is not only safe but it works.”
A.W. Brooklyn Park, MN

“My husband consulted a recommended Podiatrist regarding his long-term problem of foot fungus (over 20 years). The Podiatrist said that nothing over the counter would help him since he has such a severe case. The only thing that “might” help him would be the prescription for the new oral medication put out by Lamisil. Even at that, it would take a year for the Lamisil to take effect. However, after reviewing his blood work, his liver enzymes were a little too high and the Podiatrist did not feel comfortable prescribing Lamisil. Therefore, my husband was left with no solution or help from the Podiatrist.

The nails on my husband’s feet were so thick they were actually “lifting off” of his toes.
I couldn’t believe there was nothing my husband could do about this unsightly problem. I researched on the computer and learned about various “natural” remedies. I then discovered your website. I have the utmost respect for Native American remedies and felt almost a sense of relief when I read about your product. We began ordering from you in July. At first, it didn’t seem like there was much improvement. But now, 6 months later, there is no question there has been improvement.
The nails on his left foot are almost normal looking. The right foot is a bit more challenging but the new growth that is coming in is clearly healthy. We also use tea tree oil. This combination seems to be working for him. He is looking forward to wearing sandals this summer without embarrassment! Thanks for helping someone who was considered “helpless” by the medical community!”
JJP, Glen Gardner, New Jersey

“I use my roaster pan to soak my feet in. I put a heating pad under it on high. This helps keep the water warm. I also have a tea pot of hot water ready to add a little when the foot soak gets too cool for me. I’ve been using this for about 5 months and I am thrilled to see the new growth coming in clean and smooth!”
K.B. Tampa, FL

“My wife and I have our Saturday ‘date’ by renting a movie and soaking our feet together. It is also a way to pamper ourselves. We have only been doing this for about a month. My feet are soft and smooth, and it does feel good. It is still too soon to see any new growth – I’ll keep you posted.”
M.C. Grants Pass, OR

“I’m blown away by this stuff! At first it was a pain to get in the habit of soaking my feet once a week. But seeing my nail grow in smooth and clear of fungus – now I’m excited! I get my magazines, the phone and the remote control and have time to myself knowing that in the summer I can wear pretty sandals and not have to hide my feet. Now THAT’S cool!”
T.M. Bloomington, MN